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The Vital Role of Diagnostic Physical Exam on Your Overall Health

Apr 06, 2021

Maintaining good health requires exercise and a healthy dietary lifestyle. However, routine physical exams are ideal for preventing any health conditions that don’t clearly show symptoms. Inadequate physical examination may lead to medical errors and subsequent implications. Accurate physical exam yields roughly relevant data that aid your physician in diagnosing and manage your health issue.

During your examination, your health practitioner may gather the information that’s ideal in identify the root cause of your health condition and selecting suitable treatment for you. Once you decide to undergo a physical exam near you, your healthcare provider will use hands and specialized equipment to identify underlying health conditions. A physical exam is vital in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases before they become severe.

What’s a Physical Examination?

A physical exam refers to a periodic test performed by your primary care provider (PCP) in examining your overall health. Your health practitioner does the wellness check during immigration clearance, enrollment to employment, or during your routine medical visit. At Crosspointe Medical Clinic, we perform a physical exam to identify underlying health issues that might hinder you from achieving your everyday tasks appropriately. Various tests are performed during your physical examination appointment based on your medical history and age. You are likely to undergo further diagnostic tests based on your health condition and your immigrant office or employer’s requirements.

The Role of a Physical Exam

Undergoing a physical exam enables your physician to determine your health status. The appointment allows for you to consult your doctor on symptoms and pain you might be experiencing. You can find treatment on various health concerns during your visit. Melissa Bassett, our nurse practitioner, may recommend you to undergo a physical diagnostic examination annually if you are a senior since the exams are vital in:

  • Ensuring you maintain body fitness through routine exercises and a healthy dietary lifestyle.
  • Checking for underlying health conditions and ensuring your find suitable treatment
  • Updating necessary immunizations
  • Identifying health concerns that may require medical attention

Physical examinations check on your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Certain health complications may be severe but without visible symptoms. Physical exam near you enables you to undergo routine screening and get treatment on health conditions that might have adverse effects on your overall health in the future. Your health practitioner may perform a physical examination before you undergo surgery or start treatment for a severe medical condition.

Preparation for a Physical Exam

The initial assessment and diagnosis of a health condition are difficult. During the onset of your examination, relevant information regarding your health condition is required. Diagnosis involves lab tests, radiology to assess some of your organs, and physical exams. It’s crucial to prepare appropriately for your physical exam, and enlisted below is the vital information you need to share with your specialist before your physical exam:

  • Medical and surgical history
  • Pain or symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Current medication and recent supplements you’ve been taking
  • Implanted devices on your body, including pacemakers
  • Test outcomes from the previous diagnosis

Most of your medical professionals may stipulate you on various aspects concerning jewelry and clothing before your appointment and before your examination. Physicals in Cypress may require additional tests to ensure accurate outcomes. It would be best to follow all healthcare provider instructions to ensure that your exam is successful.

Physical Exam Procedure

During your physical exam, your PCP may examine your body to check for marks or abnormal cells’ growth. You are like to lie down, sit, or stand. Inspection of your texture, tenderness, size, and location of organs is done. Specialized devices like a stethoscope are used to feel tissues of your neck and other body organs. Your intestines, heart, and lungs are inspected to check on your health. Ultrasound is performed to ensure your tissues are in a normal state. Your height, pulse, and weight are checked. Physicals in Cypress involve personalized examinations, and you can consult our specialist about any health-related issue.

Physical exams are diagnostic procedures that are vital in determining whether you have underlying health issues. Please do not hesitate to seek consultation from our specialists at Family Health Clinic in Cypress, TX 77433, for a physical exam and undergo ideal treatment for your health condition today!

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