Physical Exams in Cypress and Houston, TX

Are you looking to get a physical exam for diagnostic purposes, immigration, or employment? We at Crosspointe Medical Clinics provide reliable physicals in Cypress and Houston, TX, and you can expect quick results within 48 hours. Please call our experienced doctors near you for information today.

What Are Physical Exams?

A physical (short for a physical exam) at any of our Crosspointe Medical Clinics may last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes and involves a checkup of vital signs and assessment of your body systems from head to foot. Physicals in Houston, TX, may be general or specific to a problem or requirement.

For example, you may need a work physical before starting new employment. The doctor will record your medical history and ask about your family’s medical history for a more precise diagnosis. Patients will also need to provide information regarding the consumption of prescribed or over-the-counter medication, previous surgeries, procedures, and treatments.

Steps Involved in Physicals

There are several steps involved when you undergo a physical exam. Our trained medical experts will begin by recording all your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature.

We will observe your eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin for any problems and may spend more time assessing a specific organ based on your symptoms or medical history. Our trained doctors in Houston, TX, will touch or palpitate specific organs to check for responses and shape. The patient may be asked to place one hand on top of another on the abdomen.

We will use a small rubber hammer or manual tapping to check for percussion effects to pinpoint blockages and problem areas. Our friendly doctors will listen to your heart and lung sounds by using a stethoscope.

Lab tests that usually form a part of physicals include blood and urine testing for pathogens and health conditions. Depending on the symptoms, you may be required to provide a stool or sputum sample for further testing.

Our Certified Civil Surgeon also conducts physicals for:

  • I-693 Immigration Exams in accordance with the latest guidelines
  • Sports and athletic requirements

Please contact any of our Crosspointe Medical Clinics in Cypress, Westchase, or W. Bellfort, Houston, TX for any required immunizations, physicals, or lab work.

Other Services

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