Ultrasound Scans in Houston and Cypress, TX

Ultrasound scanning is a diagnostic testing tool that is widely used to detect a range of health conditions.
What Is an Ultrasound and How Does It Work?

Ultrasound tests (also commonly called ‘sonography’) use high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside the body. Ultrasound devices help the doctor identify problems with blood vessels, organs, and tissues in the body.

Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound near you for an internal view of your organs in case of swelling, pain, or inflammation.

What Are the Advantages of Using Ultrasound Scans?

At our Crosspointe Medical Clinics, we provide safe and reliable ultrasound scanning to patients.

The doctors of Cypress, Westchase and W. Bellfort, TX interprets the results to create a treatment plan or may refer you to a specialist.

  1. Ultrasound testing does not involve making incisions, cuts, or administering injections. In most cases, the device is located outside the body.
  2. There are no risks as the patient is not exposed to any radiation (unlike x-rays or imaging procedures that involve minimal exposure to radiation). Their safety makes them ideal for viewing the ovaries, uterus, and fetus during pregnancy.
  3. An ultrasound captures clear images of soft tissues that don’t show up clearly on x-rays.
What Is an Ultrasound Scan Used for?

The doctor may recommend an ultrasound scan near you to:

  1. Evaluate blood flow
  2. Detect diseases of the gallbladder, kidney, spleen, liver, intestines
  3. Detect the presence of breast lumps
  4. Identify problems in the prostate gland and genitals
  5. Evaluate joint inflammation
How to Prepare for an Ultrasound Scan

Many ultrasound scans require no preparation. But some scans, like the gallbladder scan, may need to be done on an empty stomach. Other scans like a pelvic ultrasound scan may need to be done with a full bladder, and we may request patients to drink water before doing the ultrasound test in Houston, TX.

Patients will be requested to remove jewelry, change into a gown, and relax comfortably on the examination table.

Our patient-friendly staff at our Crosspointe Medical Clinics in Cypress and Houston, TX, will advise you regarding any special instructions that need to be followed.

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