Physical Medicine in Cypress & Houston, TX

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, loss of functionality, or disability after illness, accident, or injury, physical medicine can help you regain your wellbeing. Our Crosspointe Medical Clinics provide several physical medicine modalities in Cypress, Westchase, and W. Bellfort that can help patients of all ages.

What Is Physical Medicine and What Are the Benefits?

Our trained doctors near you can help create a customized treatment plan that can help you recover your vitality and return to your normal functioning level. Physical medicine and rehabilitation can help patients regain a range of body functions, including chewing and swallowing problems, bowel and bladder issues, movement, mobility, speech, and language.

Physical medicine is non-invasive and does not involve surgery and can also help with sports injury rehabilitation.

Benefits of Physical Medicine

Physical medicine treatments in Houston, TX, can help eliminate and reduce pain using therapeutic exercises, taping, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. We can personalize individual treatment plans for your needs, and our experts use a range of tools to help you become more independent and mobile.

If you’re at high risk for falls, we will conduct a fall-risk assessment and help the patient regain vestibular conditioning with balance exercises. We use advanced technology and expertise to help you recover from the effects of stroke, cerebral palsy, insomnia, menopause, headaches, vertigo, and joint pain.

What to Expect from Physical Medicine Treatment?

The main goal is to help you become as functional, healthy, and pain-free as possible. Our trained physical therapists in Cypress and Houston, TX, will assess you before recommending suitable treatments to restore, maintain, and promote physical function and ability.

When patients visit our Crosspointe Medical Clinics for rehabilitation, they can expect to:

  1. Undergo a detailed assessment, especially with regard to muscle testing and joint movement
  2. Receive a clinical diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan with short and long term goals
  3. Benefit from physical medicine treatment and receive guidance regarding self-management

We also provide physical medicine to treat conditions like joint pain, foot pain and plantar fasciitis, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, and scoliosis. Physical medicine therapy near you can also help you regain mobility after hip or knee replacement surgeries.

Other Services

We are proudly offering family health care & medical services to across various areas of the following locations of Cross Pointe Medical Clinic:

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