Finding a Viable Option for Relieving Your Joint Pain

Finding a Viable Option for Relieving Your Joint Pain

Apr 01, 2021

Joints connect your bones and aid in mobility. An injury or disease on your joints may interfere with your mobility and lead to severe pain. Numerous conditions lead to joint pain, including strains, injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Inflammation on your joints may damage your joint and cause persistent pain. Your physiotherapist can provide relief for your joint injury and enable you to move flexibly.

Joint pain may range from mild to debilitating discomfort. Acute joint pain can last for several weeks, while chronic joint pain may persist for months. It’s essential to seek treatment for joint pain by undergoing physical therapy, medication, and other viable treatment procedures. Joint pain treatment options depend on the severity of your condition and aim to preserve your joint functions, alleviate your pain, and minimize inflammation. Your specialist may incorporate arthritis pain relief medication, physical therapy, and chiropractic care into your treatment regimen.

Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain leads to pain in your connective tissues, including ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles. Rheumatoid arthritis leads to inflammation and severe pain in your joints, while osteoarthritis breaks down your cartilage leading to pain. Arthritis may debilitate and deform your joints with time, causing pain, inflammation, and the formation of fluid in your joints as your body’s immune system fights the pathogens at your joint’s membrane. Other causes of joint pain may be caused by:

  • Infectious diseases like hepatitis and influenza
  • Physical injury
  • Inflammation on your tendons
  • Infection on your joint or bone
  • Cancer or gout
  • Inflammation around your joint cushioning pads
  • Breakdown of your cartilage in the kneecap
  • Overuse of your joint

When You Need to Seek Medical Help

You can easily manage mild joint pain through home-based remedies. It’s essential to visit your physician if you experience redness, inflammation, or tenderness around your joint. At Crosspointe Medical Clinic, we may recommend you to see the ER near you if:

  • Your joint pain is extremely debilitating.
  • Have a deformed joint
  • Your joint is immobile.
  • Inflammation of your joint occurs suddenly.
  • You’ve experienced a severe injury.

Joint Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

A physical exam is ideal in diagnosing your joint pain. Digital X-rays can also be applied in identifying arthritis-caused joint pain. During the initial appointment for joint pain treatment near you, the root cause of your pain is evaluated, and your specialist may perform blood screening to check for autoimmune disorders. Sedimentation can also be used to measure the level of your tissue inflammation. Joint pain treatment options vary based on your condition, and some include:

  • Physical therapy is ideal in improving your motion, reinforcing and stabilizing your joint. Your therapist may use hot or cold modalities to alleviate your pain.
  • Your doctor can administer you with a corticosteroid injection or a targeted nerve block to lessen inflammation and ease your pain. Minimizing pain and inflammation ensures your joint functions typically.
  • Various regenerative medications can aid in the healing of your injured or damaged tissues. They are also useful in the re-alignment of your joints. Regenerative therapies involve the injection of substances drugs into your blood or other locations to strengthen your tissues and decrease arthritis’s adverse effects. Arthritis pain relief medication is crucial in managing your condition and minimizing joint pain.
  • Home therapies involve the use of topical pain relievers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate pain and reduce swelling. Melissa Bassett, our nurse practitioner, may recommend you to stay fit by engaging in moderate exercises, ensuring that your weight is in the ideal healthy range to lessen your joints stress. You can also seek chiropractic therapy since deep massage therapy enables you to regain mobility and alleviate your pain.

Our specialist at Family Health Clinic in Houston, 77042, may recommend you to undergo surgery to relieve your joint pain if other alternatives don’t respond to your treatment. If the condition is severe, an extensive joint replacement procedure can be done. There are numerous treatment options for your joint pain, including physical therapy, dietary lifestyle changes, medications, and home remedies. Your therapy will depend on the underlying cause of your joint pain. If you’ve been suffering from joint pain, joint pain treatment near you can alleviate your pain and restore your routine normal functioning and mobility.

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