Occupational/Industrial Medicine Specialist: What Is the Role of the Professional?

Jul 01, 2021

Specialists who diagnose, prevent, and treat injuries, illnesses and harmful exposure in workers are known as occupational medicine doctors. The role of promoting wellness among workers and managing occupational disability is a job an occupational medicine doctor excels in. These professionals may work as a clinician with patients or an educator or a combination of rules to ensure a safe work environment and a healthy workforce.

Workplace injuries are pretty common in America and globally and need treatments from specialists providing occupational/industrial medicine near you. You may think workplace injuries are merely collateral damage as your workforce is getting paid for the services they offer. However, you will undoubtedly change your mind when confronted by the lack of staff because of occupational injuries and lawsuits claiming considerable sums as damages for disabilities. It is why you must keep in contact with an occupational doctor to avoid untoward circumstances.

Have you ever tried to understand what does an occupational medicine doctor does? Let us give you some examples of how an occupational medicine doctor can help you keep your employees healthy and functional.

  • Occupational doctors ensure employees comply with health and safety regulations to reduce workplace hazards.
  • Performing ergonomic assessments to prevent injuries and disability among the workforce is also a role of occupational doctors.
  • These professionals perform tests to determine an employee’s physical and emotional well-being for work and the ability to return to work.
  • Providing medical care to patients injured when working besides immunizations and preventive health services is also a responsibility of occupational medicine doctors.
  • These professionals also conduct epidemiological and statistical research to assess health trends among the entire workforce of the organization.

Who Must See an Occupational Medicine Doctor?

Employers routinely consult with occupational and industrial medicine in Houston, TX, to ensure their employees are healthy and productive in trying to minimize disability costs. Employees may also seek care from an occupational medicine doctor when they experience a work-related injury or illness. Occupational medicine doctors treat different types of diseases and injuries and sometimes refer patients to other specialists if necessary.

When Does an Occupational Medicine Doctor Become Necessary?

You can consider seeking medical care from Dr. Kelechi Azuogu, or your employer may require you to contact this occupational medicine doctor under the circumstances mentioned below.

  • You have incurred injuries on the job, including acute and repetitive stress injuries.
  • You are exposed to chemicals or radiation and any other hazardous materials on the job.
  • You either have health problems or become sick while working.
  • It would be best if you are fitted with specialized safety equipment like respirators.
  • Your employer wants you to participate in a risk control program like drug testing.
  • Your prospective employer requires you to clear physical exams before employment or as part of ongoing employment, or when returning to work.
  • Your employer offers you immunizations and other preventive health and wellness programs.

In the circumstances mentioned above, your employer may require you to visit Crosspointe medical clinic for the evaluation/test/examinations, or the medical facility may arrange to send professionals for on-site testing.

What Services Are Offered by Occupational Medicine Doctors?

Occupational medicine doctors understand that preventive and remedial treatment is essential for the health and well-being of employees. Therefore, the professionals can offer multiple services related to occupational and industrial medicine by providing injured workers with medical care and treatment, helping them resume work quickly and safely.

These professionals use the latest in diagnostic technology besides state-of-the-art medical equipment to accelerate the recovery process of the employee, helping them return to work faster.

The professionals assess, treat, and follow up with the employee while frequently communicating with the employer. They also educate the patient about home care to help them cope with any challenges they may encounter. Their primary goal is to rehabilitate disabled employees to minimize lost workdays and reduce absenteeism because of illness.

The services offered by occupational medicine doctors are invaluable both for the employer and employee. Employers benefit by having an available and productive workforce without remaining absent from work. Employees benefit because they don’t have to run around to different medical centers to treat work-related injuries. The benefits provided by these professionals are advantageous for everyone, including the organization having a productive workforce delivering revenues when they are most needed.

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