Exploring the Role of IV Therapy in Houston

Jul 01, 2021

Modern medicine provides many alternatives for patients to optimally live healthy lives. From surgical procedures to other less invasive measures, there is always something you can do to boost your body’s functionality. One of the ways in which you can achieve excellent health is through ​IV treatment near you. It is becoming an increasingly popular medical approach to boost healthcare for different people.

What Is IV Therapy?

It is also known as intravenous therapy in all ​the family health clinics in Houston, 77042. It entails administering vital fluids and nutrients to the body directly through the bloodstream. This means that an injection is made to a vein in one of your arms or hand, to allow the delivery of the needed nutrients and fluids.

IV therapy near you is the fastest way in which nutrients can be delivered into your body’s system. Ideally, the method delivers the nutrients directly to your bloodstream, hence bypassing the digesting system. For this reason, this method accounts for between 90 to 99 percent of the absorption of nutrients by your body organs. This is much better than the 20 to 49 percent of absorption that happens when you consume nutrients orally.

What Is the Purpose of IV Therapy?

IV therapy Houston, TX is a preventive measure in medicine that helps preserve the health of patients. Ideally, the goal of this form of therapy is to boost the productivity and functionality of the body by ensuring that all the necessary nutrients and fluids are available in your body. The supply of these nutrients and fluids to your body’s system is distributed evenly, ensuring that you are functioning optimally all around.

At Crosspointe medical clinic, IV therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a way for patients to boost energy levels in the body and stimulate the immune system. Such is a role that has proven very crucial in sorting out many different health problems. According to ​Dr. Smitha Mantha, many of the people who suffer from problems like stress, anxiety, and depression benefit from this form of therapy. A boost in your immune system also goes a long way in fighting and preventing typical health issues like the flu, common cold, among other infections.

Who Can Benefit from IV Therapy?

Many times, IV therapy is used in hospitals to administer medication to patients. It is pretty common for patients suffering from dehydration or a nutrient deficiency. The method has still proven very useful, especially among patients who are unable to consume medication orally. However, today, it has been proven that IV therapy can be very beneficial even to healthy persons. The goal thereof would be to boost the functionality of the body by packing your system with nutrients and vital fluids. This is why IV therapy has become the health craze for many athletes as well as celebrities.

Is the Process of IV Therapy Safe?

Although needles are involved in the administration of vital nutrients and fluids in your body, this process is not as painful and uncomfortable as you would imagine. You should only expect some discomfort when the needle pricks the surface of your skin to access the vein. To do so, your attending medical specialist has to disinfect the area of injection before inserting an IV catheter.

Other than matters of pain, the other concern many patients have regards safety. Too much of anything is dangerous for your health. In that case, it is paramount to have the right amounts of nutrients delivered to your body. This is the primary reason why IV therapy must only be performed by a doctor or medical specialist. The doctor will ensure to get your blood samples first. The blood samples are then screened to determine the right amount of nutrients you need in your body. This is particularly necessary when IV therapy involves delivering prescribed drugs into your system.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It usually depends on the type of nutrients and fluids being channeled into your body. Another consideration that impacts the longevity of your treatment is the type of treatment used, whether the IV drip or IV push. Either way, it should take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete your treatment.

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