Why Chronic Care Management Approaches Are Ideal for Your Health

Aug 01, 2021

Did you know that failure to seek early treatment for your chronic conditions may compel you to seek emergency treatment? Unmanaged chronic diseases can be life-threatening, and it’s ideal to undergo a chronic care management program. Your specialist prescribes particular medication, recommends you to engage in exercises, and change your dietary lifestyle in managing some health conditions.

Chronic care management comprises care provided by your health practitioners to address chronic health conditions. It’s aimed at ensuring you restore your everyday health and routine functioning. Your specialist may insist on the importance of chronic care management in achieving quality life and managing the effects of your underlying condition.

What is Chronic Care Management (CCM)?

The medical approach involves professional care provided for you if you have underlying chronic diseases or conditions. At our family health clinic in Houston, TX, we recommend you to seek CCM if your condition has been persistent and requires apt medical attention.

You need to seek specialized treatment if you are diagnosed with severe conditions like depression and diabetes. Your appointments may involve telemedicine or direct visits to your physician. Maintaining optimal health is challenging, and our CCM program enables you to manage your underlying chronic conditions. Once you start the program, you’ll receive the following services:

  • 24-hours of emergency treatment from our specialists
  • Expert medical advice regarding management of your condition
  • Personalized help from our experts in finding an ideal treatment plan
  • Exceptional care from various specialists who work in coordination to restore your overall wellbeing

What Conditions Qualify for Chronic Care Management?

You are an eligible candidate for the CCM program if you have two or more underlying health conditions for about 12 months. Acute exacerbation or functional decline may also require CCM services. Diagnostic criteria depend on your conditions’ symptoms, duration, and other aspects. Some of the chronic conditions that may compel you to seek CCM Program include:

  • Infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS
  • Hypertension
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Chronic obstructive respiratory disease
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

The conditions are life-threatening and require urgent treatment plans. Your specialist may advise on conditions that qualify for chronic care management.

Understanding Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management encompasses various approaches channelled towards your wellbeing in addressing chronic diseases and conditions. Numerous therapeutic strategies are formulated to manage your condition. Diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and other disorders dispossess your everyday life, and you require various therapies to manage them. Functional medicine and different vital approaches encompass your treatment plan to ensure your normal functioning is restored.

During your initial appointment, your specialist performs an in-depth assessment to diagnose your chronic condition. Your medical history is evaluated, and various risk factors for your disease are identified. A collaborative treatment plan is reached to ensure you find appropriate care. Your specialist may enlighten you on your condition and offer guidelines on how to adopt a different dietary lifestyle and other vital aspects that relate to your need.

Importance of Chronic Care Management

Having multiple chronic conditions affect your quality of life. The CCM program enables you to restore your quality of life by undergoing personalized care and managing the effects of your disease. CCM programs also alleviate your pain and aid in stress management. You find relaxation, better sleep, flexible mobility, and physical fitness.

Once you begin treatment, your routine functioning is restored, and your body functions are optimized. Chronic conditions hinder you from daily activities, and Dr. SmithaMantha recommends you seek chronic care management to suppress the effects of your chronic conditions.

The health care approach supports your self-care by focusing on your behaviour and your responsibility to manage your health condition more effectively. It’s crucial to monitor your health and transform it if you are faced with chronic diseases. Once you enroll in the program, your medical practitioners will enlighten you on the role of CCM and ensure you routinely follow your treatment regimen. You make crucial choices regarding your health during the program to find better outcomes.

The program is suitable for improving your vibrant life while living with a chronic condition. If you have multiple chronic diseases, there’s a need to link with your health practitioners. At Crosspointe Medical Clinic, we enlighten you on the vital role of chronic care management and provide you with personalized care.

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